Rhody Time


It’s rhody time again hip hip horray!

In bud they are compressed sweetmeats, an intense whisper of what is to come.  In bloom they are brash and brazen, shameless in their frippery.

The rhododendrons are back in bloom and they are shouting loud.  I, for one, am pleased to see them again.

7 thoughts on “Rhody Time

  1. Wonderful. I’m a bit behind you – still budding here. Tho I have an odd rhodie. Blooms. Defoliates. Dies back. I prune out the dead. It re-leafs and the process repeats. After 5 years it’s about 9″ high, 1.5 feet across and a mound of pinky-red flowers when the buds open. I wonder if resident cat curling up on it a lot has any impact. When the buds develop he starts curling up beside it instead of on top. He must know something!


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