Rain Stops Play

Rain may have stopped play, but I am pleased for the persistent downpours, the garden will welcome it and on this particular occasion I am not miffed by an enforced day off.  It was a successful day in other, non-horticultural ways.   Chores have been almost caught up with, big pans of butternut soup and ratatouille were made and a few dark corners sorted and streamlined.

And I had the chance to look through a few of last month’s photos.   Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’ has been mentioned several times recently and quite rightly so.  Here is the one in Max’s garden, on a sunny day, with a magenta rhododendron as backdrop. Splendid.


From first til last the light was special.

On occasion, whilst driving through the Devon countryside, I marvel at the strikingly vibrant hues as I whizz pass field and garden.  Then, slightly disappointed, I remember that I have my sunglasses on and what I am seeing is just an enhancement of the truth.

Today, sans shades, all around me seemed especially colourful.  Strong but not harsh, fresh and buzzing with energy.  As if, overnight, someone had polished my retinas.

The blue was blue, the white was white, the green was green and the orange, well the orange needed an accompanying health warning.


Rhody Time


It’s rhody time again hip hip horray!

In bud they are compressed sweetmeats, an intense whisper of what is to come.  In bloom they are brash and brazen, shameless in their frippery.

The rhododendrons are back in bloom and they are shouting loud.  I, for one, am pleased to see them again.