Things I never thought I’d say – Part Seven

lime green wellies

“Don’t punch the plants Nancy!”

A couple of weeks ago we reached the heady stage of planting out Nancy Nightingale’s new border.   We laid the specimens in position, carefully considering potential clashes of colour or foliage before we commenced.  As NN is a complete novice I gave her a quick planting tutorial before retreating to a safe distance for her to continue unhindered by my critical eye.  “What do you think?” she asked after her first attempt.  The plant was 1cm proud of the top of the soil.  “It isn’t deep enough” I said.  To my horror she then curled her hand and thumped the plant down with her fist.  “Don’t punch the plants Nancy!” I cried.  We then fell about laughing.  I explained that the accepted technique is to carefully dig it back up, make a larger hole and try again.

Later she messaged me to say that she had made a formal apology to the geum and given it some extra water to make up for “their little misunderstanding”.

I’ve got my work cut out here.

13 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d say – Part Seven

    1. I had to show a client how to “groom” her grasses the other day. Left her to it. Came back. She’d got a hairbrush and comb and was giving them all a short back and sides. And I thought I’d explained it all quite well really…… hmm. Xxx

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  1. Oh, so that’s what you do! I always buy a couple of bags of topsoil and raise the level to match that of the newly-planted plant. Never thought of replanting it deeper! 🙂


  2. A little in the same mode as ‘Grow yer booger’, a little hardship followed by some TLC has been known to work, from personal experience. Have a great Easter.

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