Bug Hotel

I spent my day at The Farm helping Young Master G construct a bug hotel at the edge of the meadow.  The aim of this salubrious establishment is to provide a comfortable, safe place for everyone.  Everyone, that is, as long as you are an invertebrate or perhaps an over-wintering amphibian.  Reptiles (of modest size) are also welcome.   Our most popular apartments include, bark packed with woodchip, terracotta pots softened with straw, bamboo pure and simple, drilled out branches and blackcurrant prunings. The penthouse (with balcony and sea views) boasts fragrant pine cones with aromatic needles.  Each extremely desirable.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your neighbour won’t eat you.

11 thoughts on “Bug Hotel

  1. The joy of “build your own”. Young Master G may have been started on a course of bug preservation and will probably be checking, poking, sniffing, photographing his creation daily. Wonderful. Much better than buying something overpriced and, probably, inadequate. We all talk about growing plants. Maybe you’ve started growing a gardener. You’ve certainly got a bug hotel built with love. Celebrate with a G (T optional) whilst reflecting on the joys your chosen profession continues to throw your way. If you like, have a second G (T optional) to congratulate yourself on your achievement. And a third to reconcile yourself to the heavy outburst of breath at the length of this comment! See, I’m thinking of you! 🙂


  2. Wonderful bug hotel, encouraging the next generation. Our granddaughters built a top draw bug hotel, using an old chest of draws, which we officially opened for last years NGS open gardens.


  3. Well, that has certainly raised the standards in comparison to my bijou (little) bug hut. Definitely 5* accommodation for the bugs up in your neck of the woods.


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