Paeonia x lemoinei ‘Souvenir de Maxime Cornu’

Paeonia x lemoinei 'Souvenir de Maxime Cornu'

I’m still reliving last week’s Plant Heritage Road Trip.  If you like you can come along too.  Jump off now if you’ve got better things to do.  Just don’t tell me, I will be hurt.

Now we have arrived at the Bishop’s Palace Garden in Wells.  It is still raining.  Waterproofs are being challenged.  There may be seepage.   We are all being very brave.  And dripping quite a lot.

Unlike our motley crew,  a little precipitation could not sully the beauty of this tree peony.  Its name, Paeonia x lemoineiSouvenir de Maxime Cornu‘, as extravagent as the bloom.  Her head hung low, unable to endure a combination of excesses; a myriad of petals, a torrent of rain.  When a friend lifted the flower for my inspection I doubted there would be a scent, but there it was, delicate and fruity.

The sun shone for a moment.

10 thoughts on “Paeonia x lemoinei ‘Souvenir de Maxime Cornu’

  1. Gorgeous. I can’ t remember, where, but I once read a description of peonies lolling about like expensive courtesans. And indeed they are so spoilt and indolent that they can’ t be bothered to raise their heads.

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