6 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. OK! Yeah! Well! Off to the Himalayas to study tradescantial meditation (that’s the gardening variety) and the deeper meaning of blogs.

    PS, looking up is not advised when walking through a field recently grazed by a large herd of cows.

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    1. Thanks for the like. I interrupt my Himalayan chanting to suggest that (I think anyhow) they’re Paulownia flowers. Though dropping a bit out of season. Perhaps they’re annoyed cos Gill didn’t look up at them. Om …..

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      1. How did you know that I have been for my yoga session tonight?! Yes they are Paulownia and they have been falling for a couple of weeks. They are on a gurt big tree and the flowers are so high up we can’t see them anyway! In fact seeing them on the ground was the first indication that it was flowering. 🙂 Seagulls are enjoying them.

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