We’ve Got the Power

Calendula Power Daisy Sunny

If there was a flower that summed up this glorious day it would be the Power Daisy.

I must admit that when Mrs G spotted this in a plant catalogue, although new to me and for no reason other than snobbery, I tried to steer her away.  “I think there is something really good on the next page” trying to divert her attention to something more worthy “did I see something about free Monster Munches with every purchase?”.  What I was thinking was “What kind of name is Power Daisy? Sounds like another gimmick to me.  A trap for the horticultural vulnerable”.  Of course as it was Mrs G’s party she was free to Power Daisy if she wanted to.  And she did.

And it transpires that I was quite wrong.  Well I was right about the naff name, but not about the plant.  From small beginnings last year they grew strongly, giving a fine display until late autumn. Not only have they all successfully over-wintered, they began flowering over a month ago and look likely to continue that way.  They have had no special treatment.  Just my usual love and the odd tune.

It is a calendula hybrid.  This one is called Sunny and never has a plant been more accurately named.  There is more on their story here in Mr Fothergill’s Blog.  Apparently more colours are on the way.  Bring it on!


6 thoughts on “We’ve Got the Power

  1. Must admit I’m not a fan of bright yellow flowers, preferring the more muted yellows; nor am I a fan of the current trend for what I call “techno-names” like “tomtato” and all these sunthings –
    “Sunpatiens”, “Sundiascia” and so on. I like the “deeper meaning” names; they give me an opportunity to do a bit of research such as who was Dorothy Perkins (the rambling rose). I’d avoid “Power Daisy” purely because of the name.

    So you have named a flower a dahlia eh? Nice name. But someone got there first at the end of the 18th century. 🙂


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