Good Company

Buddleja colvilei

Greatly admired by both plant hunter extraordinaire, Sir Joseph Hooker, and run-of-the-mill jobbing gardener, Ms Off The Edge, is Buddleja colvilei .  Yet again I am in exemplary company.

9 thoughts on “Good Company

    1. As one who has been contracted on several occasions to remove “infestations”, I am not dismissive of buddleia (or buddleja for that matter). They have been generous, albeit indirect, contributors to my exchequer. All they need is the right place and management. Otherwise, I’m available ……..


      1. Yes I have tied the black ribbon around quite a few misplaced buddleja. Still there are plenty of good ones out there. I thought once about a book of photos of buddleja in all their self seeded places. Still might do it. Probably not.


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