There has been another label malfunction.  This little veronica is nameless to all but its close relations.  The use of a non-permanent, water-soluble pen when labelling this little beauty was perhaps a mistake.  Let us not beat about the bush, it was daft.  Of course if I had realised any writing was going to disappear at the first hint of drizzle then I would have relegated it to list making duty.  Probably.  If I was in rush I may have used it as a stop gap until I had found a better one. Then wouldn’t remember to go back and right my wrong.  Most likely.  These things happen. Tell me why then, when I find yet another label as pure as the day it was born, I look at it, tut a little and stick it back next to the plant that it once named?  Perhaps for the time when, having a more appropriate pen primed in my pocket, the person who bred this adorable cultivar is passing and tells me its full name?  Ever the optimist.

11 thoughts on “Nameless

  1. I feel for you. Honest! As age diminishes my memory, my garden’s become something of a botanical garden. Everything is labelled or I forget what is is (especially in winter when I’m clearing the borders). In times past I screamed at the labels in the greenhouse that were washed off. Which type of whatever was that? It mattered. Now I use a machine wot makes labels on sticky tape. Labels last for years outside. In the greenhouse (given that I grow lots of the same annuals every year) I’m still re-using labels I made in the last century. And wot I stick them tapes on matters – I use different label colours for different nurseries/suppliers so my notes tell me which ones to buy from next year and which to avoid.

    I’m organised, see? 🙂 (sorry for long comment)

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    1. At Cliffe we used a tape machine, which was great, although the critters/visitors used to have great fun pulling them out and moving them around. Must suggest the The Farm get one (where this is) and we can get a little more JK organised. 🙂

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  2. I know the problem. I always think I will remember the name of everything and I used to, but now I have senior moments all the time. Crambe cordifolia slipped away from my mind for 10 whole days after someone asked me what it was. When it came back to me in the middle of the night I was so pleased I nearly rung her up to tell her.
    Could your dear little Veronica be ‘ Inspire Pink’?

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    1. It is you lovely genius! Thanks x When I was at Cliffe I could never remember the word Filipendula, for some reason it would not stick. Since then, it trips easily off the tongue. Mind you there are others to replace it.


  3. I will give you the name of my wonder pen, when I can find it amidst the muddle on my potting bench, it seems to work a treat.


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