I may have said before (on several occasions) that my favourite gardener is/was the late, great, Geoffrey Hamilton.  He appeared as a gentle soul, he loved wildlife, promoted organic growing before many of the others caught on, and most charmingly, was a proud inventor.  Whether it was making cloches for a fraction of the price charged by retailers or making “rocks” out of tufa, he always had a cut price alternative to a problem.  He was a true man of the people.

The garlic harvest at The Farm this year was very pleasing.  Champions one and all. They need to be fully cured before storing and the damp North Devon air was not assisting in the process.  So our our modern equivalent of Mr H, YMG, made holes in the bottom of past-it tenner’s and pushed the stems down through.  Here any moisture would drain downward, hastening the drying process.  Ingenious.  Yet again necessity is the mother of invention.  And all for nought.

7 thoughts on “Invention

  1. Ah, Saint Geoff. *Kneels*

    Now, unlike me, he WAS indomitable! And yes, I still have “hypatufa” in the garden. Weathered but surviving. He introduced me to coir, don’t ya know! I’ve been using it ever since. Last year, even Monty acknowledged that he’d been “persuaded” about it. Tosser (soz). St Geoff’s knowledge extended beyond lots of hedges ….

    He lives on in our minds and our gardening efforts. I often do something and wonder if Geoff would approve! Not ashamed to admit that.

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