7 thoughts on “Half Full

  1. Me too! But so drought-stricken here, they are empty at the moment. Had a little shower this morning. Just vaporised off. Sigh. Keep motivated though :)) x


    1. That would be a laugh wouldn’t it? It could include, “how to drop your camera in the pond/compost heap/onto concrete” and “taking photos of the inside of your pocket” and “forgetting to put your memory card back in the camera before a day out”. Say you would come! (ps thanks)

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      1. Of course I’d come. Don’t forget the “forgetting to take the lens cap off” session. Discovered I could do that with the Lumix when using the viewfinder as there is a clip-on lens cap. The Canon doesn’t have an external lens cap. I must force myself to use the Lumix more as the photos (with cap off) are way, way better.

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    1. Rain has stopped play/work today, so got an afternoon to watch Wimbledon (before it gets rained off!) and get ready for my trip to Rosemoor tomorrow with the gals (Lady Mantle, Rusty Duck, Torrington Tina and Hero). Wish you could come too!


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