Missed Again


I have been waiting patiently, well OK not that patiently, for the Tibouchina urvilleana  at Max’s to flower.  One bud was showing a little colour, it wouldn’t be long before I could bask in its deep indigo light.  But it was not to be.  I missed again.  Never mind, there are other buds coming, a couple more chances to appreciate the silky violet blooms of the glory bush.  Unless of course ….. surely that couldn’t happen….. not again…..could it?

8 thoughts on “Missed Again

      1. Several of the public libraries here have gorgeous Tibouchinas near the entrance. They flower madly throughout the warm season. Then they’re whisked off to spend the winter in greenhouses.

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    1. Wow! (just googled it) lovely. At RHS Rosemoor today I spied another one T. paratropica which appears to be a herbaceous one. Looks lovely and perhaps a little easier to protect in the winter? 🙂


      1. Wow, googled that one. New to me and very pretty. The granulosa are famous for rolling over and dying for no apparent reason but spectacular when in full bloom (they get 10-15 feet tall) I had a urvillea – lovely flowers and then it slowly passed away.


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