Cunning Combo – Part Two

Veronicastrum virginicum

We had a wonderful day at RHS Rosemoor, me and the gals.  A full and “no holds barred” report will follow in due course.  Unless the extortion money is received.

In the meantime here is another Cunning Combo for your delight – the elegant partnership of Veronicastrum virginicum and Nicotiana mutabilis, complimenting in colour and contrasting in form.  The total exceeding the sum of the whole.  And blue sky.  Just what we want.

9 thoughts on “Cunning Combo – Part Two

    1. I was wondering about blackmail potential earlier …….

      And if you bought the only available specimen of a plant Gill was interested in, well ……

      Dominus vobiscum

      Is appropriate. Live in hope. You will be remembered,


  1. You would not have got much money out of me this morning, guess who had to traipse back to Rosemoor to retrieve their credit card they had left in the machine? Honestly, I’m not safe to be left in a plant shop! Thank goodness there are lovely staff at Rosemoor to look out for numpties like me.

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