The little camera I use for work focuses itself.  Actually my big posh camera does as well but at least I have the option to switch to manual.   Sometimes self focusing is good, sometimes not.  On reflection often it is not, occasionally it is good.  This photo, taken at The Farm on Thursday, got me thinking.  I know, dangerous territory, it happens from time to time.  Although not text book photography, I like the fact that the centre is blurred and the sides sharper.  Instead of concentrating on the centre of the picture your gaze is drawn around the whole shot, taking in all the colours, forms, light and dark.  A fluke, but one I am happy about.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I love birthdays, not just mine, others’ also.  People who say “Oh, I don’t bother now” or “what is the point at my age?” I say boo sucks to.  For the fortunate, including myself, it is a day to be treated and remembered and when love is explicit .  It is hardly indulgent, to be a little bit special on one day out of 365.  Embrace it, I say.  And return the favour.  We all deserve to be the centre of attention one day a year.  To be just a little bit more in focus.

17 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I often wonder how the camera decides where to autofocus. Often it’s not where I expect it to be and although the process of moving that point seems intuitive, it never is. But those Heleniums right and left (or left and right if you are that way inclined) look great against the blurred background so why are you complaining? OK. you’re not. Just playing with us as you usually do.

    I will now sneak off to add yesterday to my events diary in order to embarrass you next year (and thereafter when you become old like me).

    Happy belated birthday.


  2. Happy Happy birthday dear Gill! I certainly agree that we all need a little appreciation—at least one day if not most days. I hope yours was more than expected. You bring such joy to everyone with each photo, blurred or not! You are always in focus.


  3. I’m usually a little blurred on my birthday, having been the focus of attention for the day….it’s great isn’t it. Long may it and yor blogs last 😀


  4. Happy birthday for yesterday you colourful girl you! Always bright and lovely to have around :). Hope you had the best day and time to enjoy the fruits of your labours…..even sitting for a while to contemplate the meaning of the universe?! Look up tonight – showers of shooting stars!! xx


  5. Oh – Happy Birthday to you! hope you’ve been in center of attention xOx
    I will follow your advice and embrace mine as well (not usually happening).


  6. Wonderful photo–essence of summertime! Happy Birthday, you! Actually, it will be very easy for me to remember your birthday, as yesterday was also the birthday of one of my grandsons. The day before that was my birthday. In fact, we have so many family birthdays in August that my twins and I have stopped having parties and just go out for a lunch together. It’s a treat I look forward to every year.


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