Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed some horticultural anomalies, events seemingly out of kilter. There have been second, albeit fleeting, flushes of rhododendrons and wisteria, forget-me-nots are coming into bloom and crocus leaves emerging.  Today at the Mantle Estate, my most favouritist magnolia was having another attempt.  Confused?  Perhaps a little.  Mind you, I wouldn’t complain if spring happened again, it is after all the best season.

7 thoughts on “Confused

  1. I have the same magnolia here at the Money Pit, and it went into a second mini-flowering about two and half weeks ago. I just looked out the window and there are three flowers right now at the very top. I put it down to the Whiplash Weather that we have had this summer, which has pingponged from high eighties F to high sixties for the past couple of days. We’ve also had regular rainfall all through July and August which is unusual as well.


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