Salvia forskaohlei – Indigo Woodland Sage

Salvia forskaohlei

A low whitewashed wall forms one end of the play area at The Farm.  In front of this wall (on the football free side) there is a narrow border, about 60cm wide, running the length, about 3m.  It is a sunny bed with shallow soil.  Last year we grew dahlias (which on reflection did surprisingly well), french marigolds and orlaya.  The latter was a mistake.  Who would plant a white flower in front of a white wall.  A fool, that is who.  Or should that be “that is whom?”.  Whom cares?  If it was a perfectly camouflaged flower we were looking for, it would have been the perfect choice.

This year we have again used the seed grown dahlias and golden tagetes, with the addition of the Salvia forskaohlei.  Hard as it is to believe, this is not an anagram.  This beautiful sage, native to the Balkans, was named after an 18th century Finnish naturalist called Peter Forsskål.  Contrary to what its common name would suggest, the Indigo Woodland Sage is a sun lover.  It has romped away and apart from an occasional mollusc nibble and maverick toy tractor being driven into it, is trouble free.  A far better option.

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