Six on Saturday – Platinum

This might take some time.  I’m writing this week’s Six on Saturday on my Mum’s gas powered laptop.  It has languished forgotten in the cupboard since 1836 when she upgraded to a solar paneled tablet.  Once we had located the cranking handle (filed under archaic miscellany) and turned it over a few times it startedContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Platinum”

Salvia forskaohlei – Indigo Woodland Sage

A low whitewashed wall forms one end of the play area at The Farm.  In front of this wall (on the football free side) there is a narrow border, about 60cm wide, running the length, about 3m.  It is a sunny bed with shallow soil.  Last year we grew dahlias (which on reflection did surprisinglyContinue reading “Salvia forskaohlei – Indigo Woodland Sage”