Strange Fruit


This strange fruit caught my eye today at The Farm.

On closer inspection all became clear.

In the past year I have created a new tradition.  When harvesting tomatoes I throw any that have split or been munched by one of the non-human inhabitants of the greenhouse, out of the door and over the scrubby hedge towards the new orchard.  Here, I imagine, the local wildlife will gorge on this sweet feast.  Perhaps the ponies, wandering in their summer pasture will enjoy a few. Maybe a forest of new plants will appear next spring.

What I didn’t consider, in my greenhouse musings, was that one of my lobs would land square on the spine of a hawthorn tree forming part of the hedge.  I wonder what any passing birds will think of this bizarre creation?  Hopefully that it is very tasty!

When I wasn’t playing Spear the Tomato I was collecting seed.   Most especially from a wonderful scabious of which I have gathered a fair amount.  I featured this marvellous plant earlier in the year, here is a reminder Scabiosa ‘Plum Pudding’ .   Anyone (within reason) who would like some seed, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

  1. Lovely lichen. But by definition a tradition cannot be new. You have created something for the future (when it becomes the past). Which, of course, means that a bit of you will always live on there. We need to know which bit, of course.


  2. What nice color that tomato has!
    We are suffering from a tomato blight here in Western Mass.
    There is a competition among our neighbors for whoever can grow the best tomato for BLT’s – Second place buys the lettuce, third place buys the bread, and the losers have to buy the bacon. This year the winners didn’t even yield enough tomatoes for all of the BLT’s.
    Better luck next year!


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