Strange Fruit


This strange fruit caught my eye today at The Farm.

On closer inspection all became clear.

In the past year I have created a new tradition.  When harvesting tomatoes I throw any that have split or been munched by one of the non-human inhabitants of the greenhouse, out of the door and over the scrubby hedge towards the new orchard.  Here, I imagine, the local wildlife will gorge on this sweet feast.  Perhaps the ponies, wandering in their summer pasture will enjoy a few. Maybe a forest of new plants will appear next spring.

What I didn’t consider, in my greenhouse musings, was that one of my lobs would land square on the spine of a hawthorn tree forming part of the hedge.  I wonder what any passing birds will think of this bizarre creation?  Hopefully that it is very tasty!

When I wasn’t playing Spear the Tomato I was collecting seed.   Most especially from a wonderful scabious of which I have gathered a fair amount.  I featured this marvellous plant earlier in the year, here is a reminder Scabiosa ‘Plum Pudding’ .   Anyone (within reason) who would like some seed, please let me know.

8 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

  1. Lovely lichen. But by definition a tradition cannot be new. You have created something for the future (when it becomes the past). Which, of course, means that a bit of you will always live on there. We need to know which bit, of course.


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