Still Going Strong


Today’s gardening duties were straight out of The Book of Horticultural Cliches, chapter three Autumn.  Collecting seed, moving perennials, tidying, planning for next year.  Hesperantha were flowering, a cerise cyclamen popped and we swept the first of the leaves that had fallen in the recent gales.

This rich-red pelargonium however was having none of it.  Summer was reigning its corner, its luminescence keeping the changing season at bay.  Still going strong.  Long may it continue.

13 thoughts on “Still Going Strong

  1. Your pelargonium is gorgeous, many of mine are still in flower as are the various fuchsias. Long may they continue, it puts autumn off for a while and there is currently no space in my greenhouse to move them inside!


      1. Did not get round to the tomatoes and cucumbers this year but that Fucshia arborescens you gave me is trying to take over!!


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