Six on Saturday – The Nearlys

Salvia corrugata

Saturday again and here is my contribution to The Honourable Mr P‘s Six on Saturday.   There is a thread running through this post, all my featured plants have something in common.  They are all Nearlys.  Not quite flowering.  Bearing in mind the recent weather, I can quite understand their reticence.  In the hope that by next week at least some of them may be in bloom, I will keep my words sparse.   It might help build the drama.

Our first plant is Salvia corrugata which is a little way off blooming, but with a sun-filled week it might be performing by next time.  So it is likely to be the week after.

Catananche caerulea 'Alba'
Catananche caerulea ‘Alba’

Next we have a white cupid’s dart, Catananche caerulea ‘Alba’.  It was grown from seed so we will see if it comes true.  Soon.

Tibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana

On to the delightfully diddy, dwarf Tibouchina urvilleana.  I will try and find out its cultivar name for next time.  Looking hopeful for an imminent flowering.

Salvia atrocyanea
Salvia atrocyanea

Now for a salvia, Salvia atrocyanea, which is not only looking like flowering for the first time this year but for the first time ever.  Maybe a couple of weeks, fingers crossed.

Bulbinella frutescens
Bulbinella frutescens

What next, oh yes, Bulbinella frutescens, grown from seed this year.  Just beginning to show off its starry yellow blooms.  Perhaps by next week it will look a little more impressive.

Hedychium greenii
Hedychium greenii

And finally Hedychium greenii, perhaps my favourite ginger lily.  That I have met so far.  You never know what is around the corner waiting to tempt you.  Also a little way off flowering, you may have to wait a few weeks to see this little beauty.

Which makes six (I did check).  Thanks Mr P.  Same time, same place?


11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Nearlys

    1. It is in a pot, and last year I put it in the greenhouse (AKA rubbish plastic coverall) for the winter. Might try it outside this year, in a sheltered position I am hoping it will be OK. If the frosts descend I might wrap a piece of fleece around it. All a bit vague really!


  1. Same time, same place. I’ve a few salvia this year and a pile of cuttings. Blue marvel and east friesland I think. And Hot Lips, of course. I bought them this year on sale, all past their flowering best so roll on next year. Great Six, nice to see you again.


  2. I think we started the year with Salvia corrugata, I wonder what happened to it. I have Dahlia ‘Tsuki-yori-no-shisha’, so if you can’t find it give me a shout and I’ll do a few cuttings.


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