The Journey

My daily commutes range from a scant 10 minutes to a country half an hour.  Both have their advantages.  An extra few minutes in bed is always a joy, especially as winter gallops towards us, but I also enjoy the longer journeys.  My music is invariably playing, problems are solved, plans are made.  And early in the morning, the views are all mine.

19 thoughts on “The Journey

      1. I have to confess I’m liking the rain a lot, after the hot, dry summer we’ve had. And on the sunny days, the weeds just pop right out, waving white flags and whimpering “I surrender”.

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  1. After the daily commute that Mr TT endured for years he loves the quieter roads down here. I was lucky, I got to go somewhere different most days, although some of the journeys were long, 4 hours up to Scotland some days, I saw some stunning sunrises and scenery. I can see why you enjoy yours.

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      1. 4 hours there and 4 hours back some days, but I had to go where I had to go. My favourite memory is driving down from Inverness one winter, snow everywhere and bright sunshine. Mr TT most jealous as he would have liked to have been up there with his climbing boots!


  2. My commute to work looks lots like yours. So many people groan when I tell them how long my drive is (almost and hour) but it’s so beautiful anywhere you drive in Vermont that I never mind the time. I wish I would remember to take the time to stop more often to take photos like yours.


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