Fashionably Late

Anemone 'White Swan'

As a girl in the 1970’s my mum bought me a moss-green corduroy trouser suit, and I looked like the bee’s knees.  Or rather I imaged that I did.  It was rather avant garde for St Ives CP Junior School.  There were “looks”.  Since then I have allowed the latest trends to get lukewarm before I decide whether to adopt them or not.  Never at the cutting edge, somewhere just behind, at a safe distance.

Fashion in horticulture I have tried to avoid altogether.  Of course none of us are immune to the great marketing machine.  We get sucked into the current wave and are carried along unintentionally. Generally I manage to stay out of trouble.  A visit to Hampton Court Flower Show sealed the contract.  What seemed like dozens of people staggered back and forth, parading their new purchase, the standard shrimp willow, Salix integra.  It was a rather disturbing sight, watching these bizarre trees bobbing past at regular intervals.   My reaction was “Why on earth would you want to buy the same plant as everyone else?”.

In May 2011 Anemone ‘White Swan’ won Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year.  In August 2017 I liberated one from the bargain bin of a garden centre.  I call it fashionably late.

14 thoughts on “Fashionably Late

  1. I have fashionably refused EVER to wear corduroy. I was forcing “White swan” babies on everyone I met last year. Lovely little plant; so easy to propagate. So undemanding (like me). Surprisingly expensive (unlike me). 😉

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  2. All the anemones are good, I think. The Japanese ones are very welcome at this time of year. Corduroy is warm and durable – good for pants in the cold months. I don’t know about a trouser suit, though. I can’t say I really enjoy shopping for clothes.


  3. I’ve got White Swan and I popped it in a pot at waist height outside a window for somewhere to put it. But now I really appreciate its beauty because I can see the white front and the mauve back whereas I if it was hidden in the border I wouldn’t have noticed that difference so much. It’s a lovely little plant.

    I agree though that there is no such thing as a trend or fashion in plants.


  4. I like the wide wale corduroy pants in winter, but unfortunately, all I have been able to find of late at the thin wale. Fashions come and go and it would be hard to keep up with them. The corduroy jacket for men some years ago was a big mistake!


  5. I like to wear corduroy trousers during the chilly months. I did many years ago have a green corduroy jacket, that was though before I had met my clothes ‘consultant ‘! Liberating good plants from the bargain basement is a worthwhile hobby.


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