Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'

Today new atrocities have occurred.  Senseless and cruel.  My heart goes out not only to those directly involved, but to those who sit and watch and try to understand.  To those who are scared and scarred by the continual onslaught of violence and the seemingly ceaseless inhumanities of this world.  The reason why these horrendous events happen are, I am sure, diverse and complex.  I can’t make sense of it, but I can remind you that beauty hasn’t been thwarted.  That good people are still strong.  That our world remains a wonderful place, in spite and despite.

My envoy today is Rudbeckia ‘Irish Eyes’.  Beautiful in the low autumn sun.

13 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. Wow ! – That Canon camera is still knocking them out of the ballpark.
    Here in America us humans are under a continual barrage of direct and subliminal proclamations to serve a (higher) purpose and redeem ourselves to the large corporations, science, and technology. Repent now and be good ladies and gentlemen.
    For instance, sitting in the garden watching a squirrel casually enjoying a gourmet snack of a lovely pig hickory nut would be considered unproductive, maybe even treason.
    (See John Lennon ” Working Class Hero”)
    Unfortunately, trainwrecks can occur when purpose controls intellect, time and space.
    Please, take your sweet time and longingly look into the deep, starry night sky and feel the love of the universe.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely plant photos

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  2. I can’t make sense of it either but your words ring true, we can only hope that love and beauty in this world outweigh the evil. ‘Take time to smell the flowers’, I used to say to my corporate masters, I’m not sure that they really got what I meant.

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