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Now that I have accepted that summer is really over, having never seriously arrived, I am beginning to embrace this autumn malarkey.  Especially on such a gloriously sunny day.   There are exciting changes in the garden, rather like springtime in reverse.  Which I suppose it is.   A week between visits to The Farm means that there is a lot of new to observe.  Flower production is noticeably slowing as is weed growth, but leaf turning and seed development is making up for this diminishing.  Today I collected some Leonotis nepetifolia seed.  In the few seed heads I collected there were earwigs, tiny flies and beetles.  In my struggle to release them back to safety I realised that it is not just birds that benefit from postponing tidying until the spring.

These Helenium ‘Red Shades’ have now shed their pollinator-enticing, colourful skirts.  The warm sun will have been ripening their seed on this beautiful day.  I will be watching.  They are next on my donor list.

6 thoughts on “Donor List

  1. I will send you a list of plants in my garden and will then appreciate your avoidance of any promotion of plants not on that list. Thomas Stone is co-operating already. Otherwise you will be, in due course, forced to repot my Agapanthus, for which you are responsible.

    But glad you took pains to rehome the much maligned earwigs. They are not just a pest. Nor are wasps (I haven’t been stung this year. Yet. This view may change)

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    1. Are you sure that Thomas is co-operating? Not convinced myself. If your agapanthus is in a pot then that will be easy peasy, I was talking about the ones in the border that weave their octopus tentacles around everything. Unless the pot is one of those whose rim is smaller than the belly, then we are in BIG trouble! ps I try not to kill anything, I am not totally without sin, slugs and snails do not always escape, but sometimes they do.


  2. This is always the time of the year I dread. Although we are having a few cooler days and I “think” that means I can spend more time outside doing what I avoided when it was too hot. That doesn’t mean I won’t find another reason to put it off. The photo is GREAT and your camera really takes good photos, which means YOU take great photos!

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  3. I will be straight out there after I finish this, another sunny afternoon of work to be done, tidying, sowing, re-potting…. no time to get bored but time to stop and admire the seed heads in the sunshine every now and again.

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