My morning was spent digging up crocosmia in the rain.  I was fully ‘proofed and as warm and dry as could be expected in such circumstances.    Whilst playing “spot the vagrant corm”  I listened to my iPod on shuffle mode, doing my own semi-rhythmic shuffle when appropriate.  I pondered the troubles of the world and the vagaries of life.  It was then that it all became clear, that there was one certainty that I could cling to.  Next year, in the very same area that I painstakingly removed every single last trace of croc, more will appear, laughing in my face.

13 thoughts on “Certainty

    1. There’s crocosmia and crocosmia. Lucifer’s but, but, relatively easy to contain (I’ve done so happily for several years). OTOH, plants sold as “montbretia” (which is a synonym for crocosmia) tend to be problematic. They grow lower (around a foot or so high and tend to have orange-yellow flowers) but spread wider by corm multiplication and seed. Perhaps it’s a case that the major crocosmias (such as Lucifer) get so floppy that we chop them back once the flowers go over and so we avoid seed spread.

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