A combination of bad weather and feeling a little below par meant that I didn’t work today.  Instead I sat at home sorting out my photos.  Perhaps a little sorry for myself, periodically watching the wind and rain wallop my plants outside.

In the olden days the job of photo-sorting would have entailed sitting on the floor shifting through reams of prints and negatives.  We still have storage boxes containing ancient pictures from across the years. Occasionally I will delve into these museums and wonder at my youth and waist size.  Not often enough though.  It is good to remember.

Nowadays it means sitting at the computer and trawling though virtual files.  And blimey, don’t I take a lot of pictures.  The increase in shots since the devil digital arrived is not tenfold, but perhaps a thousand fold, or maybe ten thousand fold, and they need to be culled and named and archived.  Being the efficient librarian that I am, this job hasn’t been done for two years.

I may be some time.

I spotted these little snails sheltering beneath a fennel leaf.  A fragrant umbrella, how sensible.

18 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Just goes to show that even snails can look beautiful with a good photographer behind the lens. And sorting photos is a good thing to do on an ‘off’ day, get well soon.
    I also have the family hoard of slides, my father’s preferred medium. It is good to take time and wade through memories, flower, friends or family.

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  2. I hope you are feeling a bit better today, Gill. I must admit, I’m dreading looking at my photo archive. I’ve got 16,000 photos on this i-pad. Apple says it will take 22 weeks to upload them to the i-cloud. I can’t delete any. There’s no hope for me! Hope that’s made you laugh. I love your sheltering snails. I cannot ever kill them. Mine go in the dry ditch at the top of the garden, where they are probably laughing at me, as they march back down the garden as a destroying army… much love- Karen xx

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