This rampant jasmine is perhaps Jasminum polyanthum.  It is commonly known as the pink jasmine or the white jasmine or the many flowered jasmine.  It grows in a shady position, covering a damp wall, with roots who knows where?  Walking past its exuberant self is a joy indeed.  It lights up this gloomy alley and fills it with a delicious fragrance.  Worth a detour any day.

12 thoughts on “Detour

  1. On a totally different note, you appear to be in daily communication with your Mum again. Which is a bonus for the rest of us. Your purpose in meandering up a dark alleyway is something on which I will not cogitate.

    Though I will add it to my book of excuses when caught in a compromising situation. 😉

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  2. I learned it as pink jasmine. I think it is blooming in Southern California now. I do not remember when it blooms, but it is different from Northern California, and it is variable.


      1. We are in Santa Cruz County here, without fires. However, we are in an area where fires are a serious concern. Redwood trees are not very combustible, but everything else is. My home has many burned stumps from a fire that went through in the 1950’s, even though the redwoods survived. A few years ago, there were plumes of smoke to the east, west and north of my home.


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