This rampant jasmine is perhaps Jasminum polyanthum.  It is commonly known as the pink jasmine or the white jasmine or the many flowered jasmine.  It grows in a shady position, covering a damp wall, with roots who knows where?  Walking past its exuberant self is a joy indeed.  It lights up this gloomy alley and fills it with a delicious fragrance.  Worth a detour any day.

12 thoughts on “Detour

  1. On a totally different note, you appear to be in daily communication with your Mum again. Which is a bonus for the rest of us. Your purpose in meandering up a dark alleyway is something on which I will not cogitate.

    Though I will add it to my book of excuses when caught in a compromising situation. 😉

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  2. I learned it as pink jasmine. I think it is blooming in Southern California now. I do not remember when it blooms, but it is different from Northern California, and it is variable.


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