Impatiens puberula

I was thrilled to find a flower on my Impatiens puberula today.  It is the first time this plant has bloomed and I am very excited.  There is absolutely no way I could possibly wait until next Saturday to share this little beauty with you.  Here it is, so gorgeous!

Now who is the impatient one?

10 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. Nice. I’ve been yanking Himalayan balsam out behind the fence today. They’re related, you know, but pink. I’m keeping my lupin till next Saturday. I’m more restrained. Chesney has two flowers open. Out with the paintbrush.

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  2. Lovely, you do grow some real gems to share with us, I love the colour. Himalayan balsam in places around here, too. One of Mr TT and my little jobs with the NT in Yorkshire was yanking out the stuff around Beningbrough Hall.


    1. There is another impatiens on the way, hopefully be ready by Saturday. Yes HB is a problem, and ever spreading from what I can see. Not like knotwood though, much easier to pull up, just has to be done before it seeds everywhere!


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