Half term at The Farm.  After a few quiet weeks it was full of life again.  The last horrah before the end of the season.  A case of mixed blessings.  Although I am looking forward to overhauling and juggling and suchlike, which can’t be started when they are busy, I do like so see the place buzzing.   I enjoy talking to the guests, and love to see the kids so free and full of fun, enjoying meeting the animals and learning about where their food comes from.  It was especially fine today as a “frequent flyer” was staying with her family, someone who I hit it off with from the first.  Sometimes friendships are like that.  She loves dahlias and we are planning a Thelma and Louise style trip to Cornwall to visit the National Collection.  When I say Thelma and Louise we are not expecting to murder anyone, just drive a car and say yee-haw and wear sunglasses or whatever they did.  I haven’t actually seen the film, research may be necessary.

It was wet again, as this aster can testify.

14 thoughts on “Research

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! It’s a great movie, i’ve seen it twice 🙂
    {I am experimenting with commenting from a different account since for practical reasons (ans safety for my website) I will no longer use my old wordpresscom}.


  2. There is a National Collection of dahlias? I would not have guessed that they would be all that happy there; although I have been seeing some excellent pictures of them from there. I just mentioned them in a naughty article in which they were referred to as dago sunflowers.

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  3. Oh do see the film, a real ‘Chick Flick’ ergo Mr TT declined to see it a second time. But yes, do avoid the cliff edges. And I will have to look up the location of this national Collection for future reference.

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  4. […] Here we are again! It’s Saturday. Brianless. Dry, sunnyish, fairly warm (around here) for the time of year. Which means no photos of frosty leaves or icy waters. Brian did for all the spiders last weekend so no decorative spiders’ webs. Brian also did for most of the leaves on the trees so no nice autumnal reds. But, regardless of any dangers, lurking earthworms and an over-friendly squirrel, I ventured forth with my trusty camera and managed to find six things that are at least close to photo-worthiness. Next week I may venture further afield and try to be in the right position to take photographs of Gill Heavens as she reaches the end of her planned Thelma and Louise car journey. […]


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