10 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. The mud seems to have been interminable in recent weeks so we all need a bright and sunny day to keep us going. Back to the murk and gloom this morning and hoping that something brighter is around the corner a) to lift spirits and b) to dry all the laundry generated over a house-full half term!

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  2. Were I that bee, I’d be telling my hive-mates about some gardener with a fetish for taking photographs of naked bee bottoms. But I’m not so I’ll just, again, wonder how you get any work done if you’re standing, camera poised and configured, just ready to take the perfect photo. Today I had three woodpeckers – dad, mum and baby, going at the peanut feeder. Dashed upstairs to get the camera. They didn’t wait for me. How do you do it? Are your flowers drugged?

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