Six on Saturday – If I must


I had decided that I wasn’t going to SoS this week.  Lots to do, miserable outside, lacking motivation, Madagascar 2 on the TV, crisps in the cupboard.  However, such is the hold that The Propagator has on me, I have relented.  I am hoping that eventually he will return the incriminating photos.  Until then, let’s go!

My first picture is of an argyranthemum, rescued as a plug from local garden centre.  It has flowered all summer, even though the gardener failed to dead head regularly.  Hopefully it will survive until the spring and be even bigger and better next year.   I will have a word with the staff.


I have had this pelargonium for several years, found on a table of assorted plants at an open garden.  Although it has never thrived in our damp Devon air, it is doing a sterling effort of hanging on in there.


This phormium was given to me as a seedling by one of my old clients in Bristol.   She had a wonderful garden, was ambitious and imaginative.  Looking at this plant reminds me of her.  This is one of the many wonders of gardening.  The sharing and the receiving and the memories.


This is a peach tree grown from a kernel.  It hasn’t flowered yet, it is growing like a cuckoo, but the autumn colour is fabulous.  Thanks Storm Brian for leaving us a couple of leaves to admire.  So kind of you.

As I live by the sea, it is compulsory (a local bye-law) to grow at least one armeria in your garden.  This variegated form is looking quite healthy but hasn’t flowered since I bought it last year.  Good job it has such pretty foliage or I would be whispering “compost bin” in its direction.


Lastly we have a little cuphea, which lives in a planter at the front of the house.  Soon he will be jettisoned as I have recently bought some cyclamen and violas to replace him and his straggly lobelia companions.  I’m tough, take no prisoners.  When a plant is finished, out with it.  No qualms.  Stop looking at me like that.  Is that a small tear rolling down his face?  Come on, it is the right thing to do!  OK, I might pot him up and try and over-winter him.

Once again, thanks Mr P for hosting this meme (a word I never though I would type).  Check out all the other SoSers on his website.  Another link here , if you dare ………..

24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – If I must

  1. I have a Rocky Horror moment. Time is warping. It’s still Saturday. Or is it? I’m not going to edit my post. I’m NOT!

    My (non-variegated) Armeria are still flowering sparsely and need splitting. I have half-a-dozen cuttings at planting-out size surplus to requirements. Want some? That Cuphea is crying at your callousness. Poor thing. It’s a tender perennial. Only a murderer would fail to give it a chance. But I’m at a loss to understand why you never thought you would ever type the word “thanks”.

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  2. A small tear is rolling down my face – laughter, not the cuphea. It’s your cuphea, do what you want! No, the tear is for your title (“If I must”) and your description of the hold The Propagator has on us all. (Incriminating photos?) Come rain or shine, out we must go, cameras in hand, searching high and low for inspiration.

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  3. Scurrilous accusation! I have no incriminating evidence if any kind. Just the mild disapproval of your fellow Six contributors. Thag and its quite addictive. Lovely Six, thanks for showing up on the right day! 😁

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  4. Oh, the pelargoniums. My colleague in San Luis Obispo County still grow several, including one that looks like yours. They do so well on the coast. I still grow the cheapy common ones we call geraniums.
    I used to grow Phormium, but have never grown one from seed.

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      1. Isn’t it just a Perlargonium domesticum? Of course, I do not know the cultivar. There are so many of them, and they are sometimes grown from seed, without cultivar names. We call them Martha Washington geraniums or Martha Washingtons (which I think is a weird name). I actually call them simply ‘pelargoniums’, and I call my other pelargoniums ‘geraniums’. I can do that because geraniums are not common here.


  5. Thank you, I now have the hang of ‘meme’!! I have never found an argyranthemum that does well with me, I used to have a similar pelargonium called ‘Lord Bute’, the phormium is beautiful and I have not lived close enough to the sea to try an armeria. I feel so sorry for the little cuphea. Would he over-winter in my greenhouse?

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