California Dreaming

California poppy

Here, especially for you, yes you looking miserable in the corner and you snuggled under the duvet, is a little sunshine on a cold, wet, windy day.  This is Eschscholzia californica, or to its friends, California Poppy.  Luckily we are very close, I wouldn’t want to have to spell that more often than I have too.  Hope it has had the desired effect.

18 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. One of my favourites! The flowers are so merry and bright, and the foliage is beautiful as well. Even though I wasn’t miserable in the corner or snuggling under the duvet, you’ve cheered me up (again).

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      1. Sadly, they are not as common as they were only a few decades ago. They are more common where planted than in the wild. They used to cover a hill to the south of San Jose with bright orange; but that hill is now mostly covered with houses, and the remaining bare ground is dominated by exotic annual grasses. Patches of them can sometimes be seen in isolated canyons, but they just are not like they used to be.

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      2. Yes. It looked like something from the Wizard of Oz, but on closer inspection, they were close to the ground. I remember big patches of them on top of the rounded hills in Montara, and us kids would look for purple or white poppies like other kids look for four leaf clovers. They grew where other plants would not, which is why they were on top of the hills, or down in narrow canyons. In San Jose, they were right on the hillsides. Maybe the soil there did not hold enough moisture for other plants.


  2. Love these poppies, (no I’m not attempting the latin.) Tried so hard to grow them on London clay, I don’t need to tell you the outcome, but now have them growing in my west Hampshire garden, I’m so proud. Yours is in flower, mine are not, so thank you for this heartwarming pic.

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