The annual wildflower mix on Button Moon is still going strong, with tickseed and late marigolds  beginning to take over from the linum and nigella.   This is great news not only for us but for the host of pollinators who are enjoying these riches.  Today I pursued, in the nicest non stalker like way, aContinue reading “Pursuit”

Six on Saturday – Rush 2

The chilli is made, the guest room is ready, the shopping done, the fridge well stocked and the washing is on the line.  That leaves me a small window of opportunity to contribute to this week’s Six on Saturday before my nephew and his girlfriend arrive to stay for a couple of days.  Take aContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Rush 2”

California Dreaming

Here, especially for you, yes you looking miserable in the corner and you snuggled under the duvet, is a little sunshine on a cold, wet, windy day.  This is Eschscholzia californica, or to its friends, California Poppy.  Luckily we are very close, I wouldn’t want to have to spell that more often than I have too.  HopeContinue reading “California Dreaming”