Heuchera 'Palace Purple'

Taking photos in bad weather is challenging.  At the best of times I am an inveterate speedy snapper.  My theory is that the more photos taken, the more likely at least one will be in focus.  When it is raining this procedure cranks up a gear.  I wrestle my camera from beneath layers of waterproofs, point it in the general direction of the subject, press the button a couple of times, return it to the relative safety of its pouch and hope for the best.  Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ was one of today’s better results.  Bearing in mind the incessant mist, mizzle, drizzle and torrential rain, I think it worked out quite nicely.

Now I have to find an excuse for the poor fine weather photos ….

16 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. When I opened this post, initially I only saw the top two-thirds of the pic; no text. And I thought to myself “That’s Heuchera Palace Purple and it’s wet”. And on scrolling down, I discovered that, indeed, that was what the pic was of. Which is testament to your photographic skills that, in the face of adversity, you were able to make a photo appear to be what it was a photo of. Not everyone can do that!

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      1. Me too. And warmer. A kind customer took pity on me last week and came out with hats,scarves and a body warmer. She said I looked perished. I did too. Brrr. Love karen x

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    1. It is one extreme or the other in this world. I seem to have been working in the rain for weeks. Rather soul destroying. I am sure that trying to garden in drought conditions is also very hard. However I am unlikely to experience it, unless I move to California of course! We could do a swap. 🙂

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      1. Nope. I am staying. We do not really have a drought though. The weather pattern here is quite natural. It is just described as a drought because some people who move here do not like it.

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  2. It is a fine photo! All the forest fires here in the Pacific Northwest (and California, too) this past summer have given me a new appreciation for rain. Having said that, it was sunny here today. Having said that, I know gardening in the rain (not to mention the mud!) isn’t a lot of fun. Hope you get a sunny break soon.

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  3. Something wrong with your last post Gill – wanted to see the first Camellia flower but doesn’t show up, got the message ‘page not found’. I am sure it’s gorgeous 🙂


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