Fuchsia arborescens

I’ve decided to go into hibernation for a little while.  I will be in a reconditioned badger sett, lined with cosy blankets and well stocked with good books, fine gin and cheese and onion crisps.  No dramas, no problems, no worries.  See you soonish!

Meanwhile here is the amazing Fuchsia arborescens for your admiration.

43 thoughts on “Hibernation

    1. F.arborescens can supposedly take short spells down to -5C but that’s really its limit. If it’s soggy at the roots, it probably won’t take much below 0C to kill it. I used to treat it as tender – keep it in a container and move into the greenhouse at 5C+ for the winter. But there’s so much competition for greenhouse (and summer container) space that I no longer bother.

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  1. Will miss you but do enjoy your hibernation. The Fuchsia cutting you gave me is now 2 feet tall and has some buds, a lovely photo of what I have to look forward to. xx

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    1. Are you up for sharing? Sounds soo tempting!! I’ve just returned home sand blasted after walking the dog on the beach in a stiff Westerly! That’ll teach me but it did remind me to rescue the still beautiful Tibouchina, scattering its purple petals to the elements!

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  2. Enjoy your hibernation in your badger sett. If we are going all Wind in the Willows, I’d prefer Mole’s ‘cosy quarters’. But I think I will wait until January for my hibernation although November is my second least favourite month. Anyway, I can’t hibernate just yet because I still haven’t finished planting my bulbs.
    I love the fuchsia is it hardy?
    Come back soon, missing you already.

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