As I count down the days to my sabbatical month* I find myself feeling a little sad about the things I am going to miss.  Like the early morning sun illuminating the dew on a succulent lampranthus.

* Actually the last week of December and the whole of January which of course, if we are going to be pedantic about it, is a little more than a month but who is counting? You are? Why I am not surprised? On reflection, there is a very good chance that it is indeed a month to the Lizard People of Jupiter or perhaps the Ents or even the Clangers, which in my book still counts and I am, after all, making the rules.

12 thoughts on “Month

  1. Uh?

    I thought you’d just had that. I did my best. Clearly I was not good enough. I will now retire to a safe distance and beat myself silly with a defunct stem of Alstroemeria.

    If you’re going to have another sabbatical, please find someone else. Ta. Muchly ta. (I have a library of songs available otherwise).

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  2. When I was gardening for a living, the majority of customers did not wish to see you in January . They think there is nothing to do! Weather permitting I would get on with all the pruning etc in my own garden and Irene’s wish list!

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