Losing Battle

There is a splendid multi-stemmed myrtle in Max’s garden.   Cinnamon peeling limbs, glossy evergreen leaves, heady white blossom and bull’s eye berries; year long it gives joy.  It would be perfect, if not for one flaw.  Beneath its canopy, and further still, it flings its fruit densely and indiscriminately.  These germinate like sturdy cress, pushing woody roots deep.  Today was spent pulling these invaders from their nursery.   However it is a losing battle.  There is no doubt that they will return en masse, all in the blink of any eye.  Some you win, some you lose.  Happens from time to time.  Just to remind us who is in charge.


4 thoughts on “Losing Battle

  1. I have in the back of my mind that a SoSer loves myrtle. But I may be thinking of a motorbike event. Which may mean an opportunity to pot up some seedlings for the next local HPS plant sale. Then again, this is what landscape fabric and bark mulch were invented for.

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  2. Myrtle, the shrub of love. I think the queen mother had some in her wedding bouquet and it has been in every royal brides bouquet since. Irene had some in hers and we have one growing by the front door.


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