Seed glorious seed


For those of you not in the know, the Hardy Plant Society is an organisation that promotes and protects hardy plants.  Perhaps you had worked that much out.  Each year a selection of its generous and knowledgeable members donate seed which is distributed amongst us locusts.  After hearing that our Six on Saturday leader The Propagator received his package early yesterday morning, I set up camp by the front door with a thermos of piña colada and a family sized bar of Kendal mint cake.  Luckily, as my emergency rations didn’t last long, I only had minutes to wait until my delivery arrived.  And here they are, my little nuggets of potential.  Some I had to look up again as I had forgotten what they were.  Each and every one a good choice.


31 thoughts on “Seed glorious seed

  1. I was more modest in my demands but got a mere 7 out of 10. My surprise package is to follow. Mr P has, it seems, already sown all of his. I will be a bit more patient.I’m trying to decide whether I should now join the Alpine Society or the Cottage Garden Society. Or both.

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  2. Yes. Oh Yes. As i am in the states and in a colder climate than you I’ll have to wait until next month for my Hardy Plant Society Mid-Atlantic Group seeds to arrive. I badly needed to see those “little nuggets of potential” (love that phrase). Thank you.

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      1. No, thank you. It is not the same. Brent says that all the time, but is really bragging about all that he gets to grow as demos for his client, but that I would never plant so close to natural forests.


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