Wrong and Right


Today I went to Nancy Nightingale’s for a singing lesson.  Unfortunately I am booked in for tomorrow.  The wrong day.  Embarrassing.  It has happened before.

So without pause, ostensibly to divert attention away from my stupidity and inability to read a diary, I am going to share a picture of Cephalaria gigantea.  Definitely one hundred percent right.

14 thoughts on “Wrong and Right

  1. Another favourite of mine, that scabious. And foxglove! And is that Knautia in the background? I’ve gotten so distrustful of my memory lately that I find myself constantly checking my daybook. It’s not memory loss, it’s distraction.


  2. […] One of those shrubs which flower before the leaves get going. This is a dwarf variety of the variety. Left to its own devices the variety can hit 5 metres tall which, given where it’s planted, would be a bit of a pain in the whatevers. But this sub-variety can be kept small with pruning. So I shall prune the Prunus at about 2 metres and keep it that way. “Prune the Prunus”? There may be a dance there. Or a song for Gill Heavens to create during her next singing lesson with Nancy Nightingale. […]


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