Another day, another few photos sorted.  Which is good of course.  This allium close-up was taken in March 2016 in the garden of my lovely ex-clients Lavinia and Lionel.  Happy memories.

What is even better is that I braved the mizzle and ventured into the garden.  Admittedly it was not for long, but long enough to plant out my new primulas and sow some seed.  These seeds are now lined up in individual pots, twelve of them, which fit perfectly into an old roasting tin.  Classy.  This tin now resides in my tiny office, which is light and not overly warm and conveniently close for inspection.  I shall be checking them unnaturally often.

6 thoughts on “Allium

  1. I have not grown allium yet, at least not the ornamental types. The wild onion was a weed in my former garden. Onion flowers are nice when they get left for seed, but they are not the same of course.

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  2. Alliums in March? Goodness, they don’t show their heads so early here.
    Oh the excitement of watching for your first seeds to appear. I’m surprised you don’t get up in the night to check up on them.

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