Lady Mantle and Me

Today Lady Mantle ventured from her grand estate, unaccompanied by chauffeur or maid, to visit me.  We have missed each other.  Well I have missed her, I shouldn’t presume.  The rain battered us as we ventured towards the town.   Not ideal for wandering and catching up, but we had few choices.  Walk, drive or don’t bother.  Do not be fooled by her aristocratic moniker, she is made of stern stuff.  The prize was worth the battle.  An indulgent, delicious lunch, then pottering buying essentials (seed potatoes and tree ties) (no, I never give up).   We negotiated jobs, for both hers and mine, we talked to strangers, we teased shop assistants, we did not appreciate art.  Then a meander down to the sea to stand together watching waves, Wales and lone walkers in the distance.  We enjoyed each others company. It was easy.  It was a wonderful day.

Friends are very precious and should not be taken for granted.  Sometimes perhaps I do.  You know who are and I love you.

That is it, less of the soppy stuff.

As we stood at the sea wall, we wondered why these steps had been carved out of the rock and who had undertaken such a job.  I’m not sure we really wanted to know the answer.

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