On my Sabbatical Itinerary Spreadsheet (SIS, not to be confused with SoS, or indeed the SAS) today’s date was marked “this is the day you realise that you go back to work in two days time and you haven’t even looked at the itinerary yet”.  And true to form I find myself running a “little” behind with my chores.  Luckily the sun was shining so I sat outside and cleaned and sharpened my tools, WD40-ed them and myself (there are probably other such magic potions available but in my eyes none to can match the glorious “W” and my aching knees certainly benefited from a dose), I wiped the mould off and dubbined my secateur holster and belt, and gave a cursory wash to my work gloves (4 standard pairs, 1 woolly) and knee pads (1 pair, pink) and hung them on the line.

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

Oh no, its raining …….

18 thoughts on “Cocky

      1. I have a strong piece of string fixed below the peak of the greenhouse roof. Principally to help with the installation of insulation and shading in season. But ok for drying gloves and kneepads. Bit tight for clothes pegs but bent paper clips or the foldback type of paper clips work fine.

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  1. It’s raining? You bet it is! Parts of the garden flooded yesterday. I had visions of snowdrops, just coming in to bloom, sailing away atop their bulbs and planting themselves in someone else’s garden.

    You WD-40ed your knees? I’ve heard of that. Does it actually work?

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    1. Oh dear, what a nightmare! Hope some others have floated into your garden. WD-40 isn’t really for knees, I made that bit up as I sprayed it on myself by mistake. I do feel like The Tin Man sometimes though, need a little oil on the old joints. 🙂


  2. Devon can’t cope with the little bit of sunshine such as we had this morning. She had to pull the covers back over to protect her eyes. It was still a bit chilly though so I thought I’d leave the fleeces over the tender container plants until later..
    ..oh no, it’s raining..

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  3. I’m particularly impressed by the pairs of gloves. How do you manage that? I can never finish a working day with 2 gloves. And also the WD40, I wonder if it would work on my back? I seem to be having trouble with my back hinge today. It’s been glorious here today and I’m a little out of condition.

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    1. Yes I am going to have to get match fit again. Have been doing yoga, which I love and really believe helps. Still got plenty of creaky bits though.

      The one thing I hate is putting soggy gloves back on, which is why I have so many pairs of gloves. I did chuck out a load of odd ones though and the found another mucky pair that had escaped the basin. If I not looking for my hand fork I am invariably looking for a glove!

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