Pulmonaria offinalis, not the most glamorous of early flowering perennials.  They lurk in the background, often unnoticed, out-shone by showy daffs and moon-faced hellebores.  But take a moment to study the first red turning violet flowers, hirsute sepals glistening in the soft sunlight.  As the blooms mature they achieve this colour change by adjusting the pH of the petals.  Just a dull old lungwort.  I don’t think so.

9 thoughts on “Pulmonaria

  1. I like them very much, especially for the early flowering and there are quite some lovely cultivars on the market; the ones with silvery leaves are gorgeous.

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  2. I love lungworts too, in all their different colours. And I love the fact that they are called lungworts as the appearance of their leaves supposedly looks like lungs and they have been used to treat lung ailments since medieval times.

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