Plan B

Today I made cheese scones.

It was set to be a beautifully sunny day, and as my Tuesday is now my Thursday I didn’t have to go out to work.  Why on earth, you may well ask, was I messing about in the kitchen and not out in the garden doing the myriad of jobs that have stacked up in the foul weather?  The answer is quite simple.  Before I had a chance to voice my plans, the OH grandly announced that he was going to do gardening today.  Now myself and himself have been together for eons, our relationship has worked, in part, due to the fact that we do not work together.  Once, in younger, more innocent days, we tried.  The result was rather messy.  Whether making lasagne or putting together a flat pack or decorating or cleaning or gardening, it is much safer to go solo.

Over to Plan B.  I did some writing and I made soup for later and lunch for us both.  Still he was faffing.  “Don’t overdo it” I feigned concern “you can always finish off later in the week”.  But he persisted.  So I made scones.  I was very pleased with the result.  Unlike my previous attempts these actually look like they are supposed to rather than the beer mats my previous ones resembled.

See the funny little one in the middle?  That one has a name.  It is called Cook’s Perrogative.  Or should I say, “was” called.

At 3.15 I was allowed out, to grasp at the shirt tails of the day.  Still, beggars can’t be choosers.  The question is, will there be enough time to rearrange everything that he had done?

17 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Steve knows better than to even suggest that he’ll work in the garden, but he’s in charge of the allotment – apart from the asparagus bed – and the cooking, it works for us. Your scones look yummy.

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  2. When I’m working in the garden, I definitely don’t want company. No one to ask “Why are you doing this that way?” or “Why are you doing that this way?”. Just birdsong for company and the cat coming around once in awhile for a pat. Fortunately, the OH isn’t remotely interested. Congratulations on the scones – something I’ve never done.

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  3. I am very lucky to have an OH who does what is asked of him ~ and not only in the garden. We work well together. He’s in charge when he knows best (not often) and I’m in charge the rest (most) of the time!
    We both love scones!

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