Lomatia ferruginea

We moved Lomatia ferruginea last year, Max’s Dad and me, dragging it unceremoniously across and up the garden in a plastic garden waste bag.  Past azaleas and rhododendrons, we pushed and shoved, until it reached its new home, next to a sheltering privet hedge.  Previously it had been stifled under the canopy of a Cornus kousa ‘Porlock’, with little sun and no room to grow.  It is always a little scary to move a large, established plant, especially one that is on the tender side.  In this case, it has been successful.  The fresh veloured foliage is a sure sign that this South American member of the Proteaceae family has settled down nicely in the new neighbourhood.

16 thoughts on “Velour

  1. You need to be careful with all this name-dropping! You take such risks! “Lomatia ferruginea”? Nope that name hasn’t changed yet (as long as you read this comment on Thursday). “Cornus kousa ‘Porlock’”? Iffy. May now be “Kousa hybrid”. “Proteaceae”? Phew! You should be OK with over 4600 names in 80+ genera to choose from.

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