23 thoughts on “Brutal

  1. Have you stayed in the warm and sorted some photos? I am smug because I have done a few of mine. But poor plants outside, I have snowdrifts over many of mine.

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  2. Brutal indeed. If only the snow had come before the double digit negatives rather than the other way round. It will serve me right for pushing the boundaries when I live so far inland. We’re fine, well stocked (including tonic) and haven’t even climbed to the top of the hill yet. Mostly because of the long distance to slither back down.

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    1. Me too, but it is no fun if you don’t push your luck. In fact I shall be writing a little bit about that today. Hope you get up the hill soon, or perhaps you are quite happy with your tonic. 🙂


  3. In years past and this year as well, I’ve taken pictures of snow on daffodil blossoms, hellebores in flower collapsed onto snow, snowdrops covered in snow. All of these flowers have bounced back after the temperatures went up and the snow disappeared.

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