16 thoughts on “Denial

      1. I’m permanently signed in to Google. I just clicked the share button and the post has appeared in my Google+ home page. So it works for me ok, I also tried the Twitter share button while I was at it and that works fine too. One of these days I’ll work out what the “Reblog” and “Press this” share buttons actually do.

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  1. Well, we really have the snow here now, some hefty drifts around the house, so I have really enjoyed your beautiful picture.


  2. My green aeonium grows like a weed! Pieces of it have been shared all over town. My dark bronze one is not so prolific. Every time it starts to grow, someone takes the top off of it. While the two green ones are about two feet high and three feet wide (despite regular pruning and grooming), the bronze one is just a stick with two or three rosettes less than a foot tall!


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