Snowy Beast

It has begun.  The snowy beast has arrived.  Two days, very unfashionably, early.  How rude!

Last night, not long after returning from yoga, all chilled but warm, my neighbour rang.  “Look out the window!”  There is was, where all had been clear half an hour previously, now there was a carpet of white, with more falling.  This morning we were woken early by excited children playing outside.  Unless they are of the ski-ing persuasion, I doubt whether they have seen snow before.  On the National News they said that it has snowed in Rome for the first time in six years.  No mention of Ilfracombe at all, I am sure it has been just as long since a proper downfall. Very remiss.

Later we walked into the town, to panic buy crisps and gin.  We passed well-wrapped families clutching boogie boards and leading puzzled pooches on their way to Hillsborough for some surf sledding.   Deciding on a slightly safer occupation, we had a leisurely lunch and wandered around the harbour before the trek back up the hill.  There were smiles on faces and more than the usual “hellos” and “good days”.

Snow on the seaweed, not something you see every day.

20 thoughts on “Snowy Beast

  1. The ‘beast from the east’ arrived early as you say!! So beautiful though this morning with the sun shining on the snow and trees and branches….. I was glad to just enjoy it through the windows 🙂 and then remembered the poor birds and goats and doves ……forced an exit for the cat, who was definitely thinking of where to wee indoors with all that white stuff out there,
    and then gamely stepped forth with the hound to chop frozen carrots…yes! and bash frozen water troughs for the poor goats who ventured forth from their sheds to enjoy their goat mix and chopped apples …and chilled carrots!!! And top up the bird feeders….how do our tiny feathered friends survive these freezing temperatures?! Reminded to chuck sunflower kernels to the wind and defrost the birdy water bowls too 🙂

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  2. With the alarming news that we (here in South Wales) face up to two days of cold and a bit of snow, I ventured forth on my normal weekly Wednesday trip to acquire sufficient milk for the ensuing week. None was to be had in any milk emporium in the area. Seems people had been panic-buying. I cannot comment on the availability of laverbread. I shall have to pour lager on my cornflakes tomorrow. And I notice that, in Tesco, the price of Heinz soup today is 25% higher (4 for £3) than it was yesterday (5 for £3).

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      1. At the mo, yes. And neighbours have all moved cars off the street onto the (unused) pavements to let the big lorry in. The pallets are already on that lorry in Barry. I’m told here about 7.45 am. I have bought cream for my coffee. Drive safely if you really HAVE to venture forth.

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  3. RUDE! It got cold here too. It is not cold by your standards, but it is after some nice warmth that got many things growing prematurely. Now they might get frosted! Quite rude.


  4. I had to laugh about “puzzled pooches”. Our cat was nervous at first, but really got into it after a bit. There were cat paw trails all through the garden. Things have warmed up considerably here this week. Stay warm and don’t slip!


    1. I remember our cat chasing the snow that was flipping up when she walked, kept her happy for hours! Not going out today, staying in the warm looking at plants on line and dreaming of warmer days. 🙂


      1. Cats are endlessly entertaining, aren’t they? I read an article that said that what cats prize most about humans is our entertainment value! Glad to hear you are safe and warm indoors. Hope your warmer days come soon.

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  5. This morning we increased the daily feast for the birds with more bread, apples, nuts & seeds. In return visiting redwings, fieldfares & bramblings are facing up to our resident crowds of tits, finches, nuthatches & robins. Many more visitors and we’ll have to start watering down the wine & ale.

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  6. We have enough provisions but the snow has yet to hit us hard yet, just very, very cold. The pheasants have decided to trample and attempt to eat Cornish Gold daffodils. Put more seed out Mr TT before they trash the rest of the garden!

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