tree peony

I haven’t had many job interviews, and not one single proper PowerPoint presentation/isometric testing/raft building/tap dancing interrogation.  But I have heard tales.  Scary tales.  Mostly I have stumbled upon jobs, my prospective employers were either desperate or didn’t care who they employed as they were off to South America on the next boat.  A bit of a chat whilst they looked out the window and voilà (for Fred) I was just what they were looking for.

This means that I am not really conversant in what happens during a real interview.  Do they really ask “what do you consider your worst personality trait to be?” or is that confined to comedy sketches?  Today, whilst pondering awhile, I decided that if I ever had the misfortune to have an interview again and they asked me that particular question I would answer “procrastination”.  On reflection I probably I wouldn’t as I would undoubtedly be rejected, they would have “found a better candidate” one “more suited to the job”.  However, if they dropped some truth serum into my coffee (that could possibly happen, I’ve been told that some of these interviewers are ruthless) that is what I would have to say. And of course it would be quite true.  You cannot fight the truth serum.

There was something I should have been doing today, some writing that is due by the end of the week.  But I was faffing.  Why couldn’t I just get on with it?  I had the time, there was no need to rush, I enjoy it, I feel wonderful when its done, so why the silly diversions and distractions?  So I went for a walk to clear my head.  It was warm in the sun, birds were making up for lost time and the tree peony was unfolding in anticipation of spring.  I felt healed.  My head was clear.

I came home and made roasted garlic and butternut squash soup.  Then I finished my article.  Now onto the next one …..

14 thoughts on “Thief

  1. Almost every job interview I’ve had has asked those types of questions. “Describe a situation where you overcame a conflict” “Tell us about a time when you went above and beyond for a customer” I swear there’s some standard list people just download from the internet.

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  2. I got a job interview only a few months ago. It was new to me as well. I was way too blunt, not expecting to get hired at my age or with my bad attitude, but after spending my interview telling the interviewer of all that I would NOT do, I got hired! How did that happen?

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  3. I have had the same as Amelia, and have also had to do Powerpoint presentations and suffer Personality Profile questionnaires, the results of the later being quite interesting. You definitely made the right choice, I would not necessarily call it procrastination. I once told a boss that it was ‘Important to find time to smell the flowers’. It is.

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  4. I’ve only ever been to one interview and I spent the whole time waffling on about pin pleats and lined jackets. They made the mistake of asking me what I would wear if I got the job, and I told them I’d made the suit I was wearing. I was so nervous I just went on and on about bias binding. Amazingly I got the job! My poor daughter told me about the interview for her medicine degree uni course. Apparently everyone had to sit in a circle and a question was shouted. Those people who answered straight away went through to the next stage. Those who didn’t speak up immediately – were told they had failed the test. Luckily she got in, but it was a truly awful process. Love karen x

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