Mode d’Emploi


From this day forward there is to be an alteration to clause 3.7(a) of my constitution, my contract of business, my mode d’emploi.  Amendments are in bold.

3.7 (a)  All prospective employers must have at least one of the following items in order to entertain the gardener: a daft but adorable dog, good jokes, an affectionate cat, egg laying chickens, great conversation, or delicious cake or small well-behaved children who are hard-working, obedient, don’t whinge and gaze at me in awe.

Another fun day at Nancy Nightingale’s.

16 thoughts on “Mode d’Emploi

      1. Shorter hours? You hours are already only 45 seconds long. It’ll soon be cheaper to pay you not to turn up in the first place.

        If there were no rainy days we’d complain about the need to lug all those watering cans everywhere. Can we make that “rain must only fall every other night between 11pm and 5 am”?

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